Scrapbooking: Create Memories That Last

Author: Nicholas Tan

Photographs and preserving them in a photo album is a novel way of keeping memories fresh in one's mind. Every time one gets to view a photo album, reminiscences and the feelings associated with the memories brought by the snapshots come up and are brought back to life. Pictures as they say, speak a thousand words. Go a step further and paint a complete story by enhancing photos albums into scrapbooks.

Scrapbooking is the means of showcasing a memory by incorporating other creative objects along with photographs to be able to give depth and texture to a memory. It is akin to translating a story into a tactile and visual treat for you and for anyone who happens to view your scrapbook. This way, scrapbooking becomes a creative means for you to remember beautiful memories, as well as share past moments with friends and loved ones.

For instance, instead of just putting a memorable photo of your trip to the park inside a regular photo album, enhance your presentation by including different media to compliment and enhance your photograph. Perhaps you can add items like an actual leaf that has fallen from that park and preserve in along with your photo. Don't limit yourself to this however. You can add any pertinent items that will make your showcase even more colorful and lively. This way, your memory almost pops up out of your scrapbook with a vibrancy and life that does your remembrance justice.

The term scrapbooking stems from the principle that in making your scrapbook, you incorporate creative bits and pieces or "scraps" along with your photographs to create a wonderful storytelling medium that can be personally enjoyed as well as shared. Because of the popularity of scrapbooking, there are now many commercially available materials that you can use for this endeavor.

Naturally, it would probably be ideal to be able to use materials that actually constitute your memory and photograph. However, sometimes, if the photograph is really old and you can no longer salvage old scraps from that era, you can turn to modern day materials to get the job done.

There are a lot of variety of trinkets and items available in the market, which you can use in your scrapbook layout. Virtually anything you will need for this effort can be purchased from scrapbooking sources.

Of course the most common scrapbooking materials you will need is the scrapbook itself and some items like scrapbooking stickers that do wonders for any scrapbook layout. Using scrapbooking stickers instead of cutting out pieces of paper and gluing them to your layout saves time without sacrificing quality and creativity. Be sure however, that just like the paper you use for your scrapbooks; your scrapbooking sticker is acid-free and has the qualities needed for preserving your memories. Remember that acid in paper is harmful to your photographs.

Instead of protecting your memories, acid will slowly corrode and compromise your photos. To ensure that your memories last, use only quality materials like scrapbooking stickers that do not harm or compromise your photographs. It is important to check on not only the paper used for scrapbooking stickers, but also on the type of adhesive used on these. This way, you can be assured of immortalizing your memories through your scrapbook.

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